Why do you do what you doula? #worlddoulaweek


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Photo courtesy of Kourtnie Elizabeth Documentary

I love being a doula. It has to be the best “job” in the world. I put quotes around job because although I work very hard, it doesn’t feel like work when it’s a passion.
Women know how to give birth. There’s this misconception that doulas help moms labor or empower them to give birth naturally, and that’s just not true. Women already possess everything in them to deliver their babies, they just need someone in their corner and someone to lean on, and THAT is what I do as a doula.


Photo courtesy of Kourtnie Elizabeth Documentary

Someone recently asked me what my favorite part of being a doula was, is it the new babies? While new babies (or as I like to call them, “freshly squeezed”) are so delectable and exquisite, it’s not the babies that tug me to this work; it’s the women. Seeing them dig down into themselves and find bravery, strength, and triumph in the face of the most vulnerable and powerful physical and emotional task any human being can ever do is the most awe inspiring thing one could be honored to witness. I get to see that. I get to see these women climb mountains. That’s why I love what I doula.

Happy World Doula Week!


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