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fort worth doula postpartum placenta counselor

Part of what you get when you hire a doula are her resources. My job is to make connections in the community and know the resources available for my clients, and that extends to after birth! Your doula’s support doesn’t end when your baby is born, it’s so important to me to help new families transition smoothly postpartum. Here are some local Fort Worth and Dallas area postpartum resources I share with my clients that may be helpful after baby arrives!


Services that DFW doula offers-

Postpartum Doula

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone trained in breastfeeding and newborn care in your home to help you postpartum? A postpartum doula can assist with breastfeeding, latch, and positioning, and help assess when a baby and mom need referrals to more specialized support from an IBCLC. I help moms and dads navigate the fourth trimester, educate on parenting philosophies and gentle sleep, and love to teach babywearing to moms and dads so they can keep their babies close!  A postpartum doula listens, offers guidance and how to, helps new mothers process their birth story, and facilitates a smooth transition for the whole family.


fort worth doula baby postpartum

photo courtesy Birth Boot Camp



Belly Binding

The traditional art of Bengkung belly binding wraps the mother’s abdomen to support the muscles stretched through pregnancy and aid in physical healing.

fort worth belly binding postpartum

photo courtesy Mother Naturale


Other Resources-

Placenta Encapsulation

Moms report that encapsulating their placenta helped with milk supply and mood regulation. Professionals pick up your placenta, process it into pills for you to take, and deliver it within the first few days of baby’s life!  DFW Encapsulation is one of my favorites, along with DFWPlacenta Let them know Sydney sent you!

placenta fort worth doula

Photo courtesy DFW Encapsulation

Lactation Support

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are the most knowledgeable and qualified people to help with any issues outside of the normal scope of nursing. I totally adore the whole team at For Babies’ Sake, and they offer home visits, office hours, and latch clinics.

breastfeeding postpartum fort worth doula

photo courtesy For Babies’ Sake



There are many reasons a mom may want to see a counselor after having a baby- whether to discuss and process birth or trauma, get tools for mom and dad to adjust to their new roles as not just partners but parents, or when postpartum depression is suspected. There’s a wide range of postpartum experiences including baby blues, ppd, and perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Sometimes reaching out is the hardest part, giving any of these options a call can be a great first step to feeling better.

 Jessica Sheppard, Hurst,

 Kimberly Kertsberg, Dallas,

 Courtney Causey, Grapevine,

 Reva Sheppard, Fort Worth,

 Ann Dunnewold, Dallas,

fort worth doula postpartum placenta counselor

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